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Here is a list of friend-associations and serious web site that could bring you other useful information on the life of your ancestors in PROCIDA, in ALGERIA (MERS-EL-KEBIR and PHILIPPEVILLE), in the SOUTH of FRANCE or in CORSICA:
Associazione per Santo Stefano in Ventotene Onlus
This association promotes any useful initiative aimed at the recovery and enhancement of the former prison of Santo Stefano in Ventotene. With Guido GARAVOGLIA, its president, we discuss about the existing archives relating to Santo Stefano and share the desire to plan a future General Meeting in Ventotene.
L'Oro del Mare
This cultural association in PROCIDA created in 2019 by Elisabetta MONTALDO and Maddalena COSTAGLIOLA DI POLIDORO aims to valorize the island heritage with regards to its maritime story. La Grande Famille de Procida & Ischia has chosen to be one of its first benefactors.

Once upon a time PHILIPPEVILLE
The reference site on Philippeville & Stora (Algeria) created with passion for his birth town by Paul-Marcel DUCLOS (†2004).
History & Genealogy of MERS-EL-KEBIR
by François BELTRA, who thanks to us has been able to trace back the story of Mers-el-Kébir and the life of its people with many photos and the family tree of the whole town!
Research on the History of the Corsican Families (RHFC)
This association aims at gathering together all the Corsican people around the World looking for their ancestors. Many thanks to their President Christiane PADOVANI for having invited us to their genealogy event in April 2004.

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