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"Figli della Madonna"
(Above the entrance of the Annunziata)

Since the 14th century, the religious institution of the Santissima Annunziata has been intended to collect the abandoned children in Naples. She became notorious for his "ruota" (in English "wheel") as a wooden drum in which abandoned children were introduced. Indeed between 2000 and 4000 children were left there every year! The "ruota" was used until June 27, 1875, but the orphanage worked until 1975.

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Members: 20 points + the number of documents will be deducted per request

Non-members: 60 Euros per request

The children abandoned in Santissima ANNUNZIATA of NAPLES

Today, thanks to the cooperation of the Historic Archives of Naples and to the kindness of their administrators, it is possible to you through the Association to obtain a digital copy of the record of deposit of your ancestors sent to the Annunziata of Naples.

The procedure is:

  1. Members of the Association use the search engine for ordering this service, directly from the record found for their ancestor if it exists. If your ancestor was from another region or if you are not a member of our Association, then go to the next step.
  2. Fill in the delegation form. By delegating the consultation of the documents to the President of the Association, he will be able to make the request on your behalf and obtain a digital copy of the existing file.
  3. Submit only one single request by form and send us if you have the copy of the certificate(s) of your ancestor showing evidence of his presence at the Annunziata as a child.
  4. For several requests, fill in as many forms as needed.
  5. Send all these documents to us by mail to info@procida-family.com or by post.

The requests are processed in steps:

  1. The requests received by the Association are sent to the Archives in Naples, who will proceed with the research and inform us of the results.
  2. The Association will then send the payment required to the Town of Naples in order to get the digital copies of the files that could be found.
  3. The Association will then send the images to the members who made the requests.

The rate of outcome for this kind of research depends on the precision of the date/year of birth and on the name of the child in the Annunziata. They may not succeed for the following reasons:

  • The child was recognized after his deposit in Annunziata and thus changed name.
  • The child was not abandoned the year of his birth. In that case the year of his deposit in Annunziata does not correspond to the year of birth.
  • Children named ESPOSITO (thousands of homonyms each year) are nearly impossible to locate unless you have the exact date of birth.
  • And probably in other cases...

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