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Members: 25 points + the number of images will be deducted per request

Non-members: 100 Euros
per request


There are few census registers in the islands except in PROCIDA where the parish priests were rigorous and held them since 1702 and until 1907. The few registers of ISCHIA and VENTOTENE are unfortunately not as complete.

The registers of souls in PROCIDA

Since 1702, the priests travelled every 3 to 5 years about the streets and paths of the island to identify its inhabitants. It is possible today to find a family and to advance in your research by finding the place of habitation of your ancestors and all the people (parents, grandparents and children) living at this same address over the years.

Search your family online in censuses:

Since 2019 with the computerisation of these registers, you can search for a famille in our search engine and then order the corresponding digital image (in the same way as you search for a birth or a death record).

There is also a paid search service:

Members of the Association use the search engine for ordering this research service, directly from the record they found for their ancestor.

Non-members send their request by email to info@procida-family.com indicating:

  1. The couple or person you're looking for
  2. The date of birth and/or marriage
  3. Include a copy of the certificates
  4. Confirm a payment for your request

How the requests are dealt with:

A voluntary member will look for the person or the couple and its children in the registers of souls corresponding to this period, from the birth or marriage year.

Knowing that the registers of souls are only a long list of the inhabitants of Procida and contain between 60 and 200 pages, the time of research can turn out consequent. It is necessary to count approximately 15 working hours by request.

In return, you will receive a summary of the made researches, containing the digital photo of the pages of the consulted registers of the souls where represents your family, as well as the note of the place of residence on the current plan of the streets of Procida.

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