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Abbazia San Michele Arcangelo de PROCIDA
Comune di PROCIDA

All registers of the parish San Michele Arcangelo of Procida have been digitalized (baptisms, marriages, deaths and censuses, 1567-1930) as well as the civil registers for the years 1810-1899.

Nautical Institute "Francesco Caracciolo"

In 2013 the registers of the students of the Nautical Institute "Francesco Caracciolo" in Procida have been digitalized for the years 1867-1923.

Parishes of the island of ISCHIA

The project of digitalization of the parishes of Ischia, initiated in 2004, was completed in 2013.

The parishes digitalized by ourselves appear in red on the map. The others, in grey on the map, have been digitalized by FamilySearch.

The majority of the civil registers have been digitalized by FamilySearch. The towns of Barano and Serrara Fontana have been indexed by ourselves in partnership with FamilySearch.

All the registers of the island of Ischia are now available in our database.

View the list of registers

Parish "Santo Silverio e Santa Domitilla"

In 2010, Philippe D’ARCO, Benefactor Member, has shared with us the parish archives of the island of Ponza he had digitalized in the past for his personal research. Only the registers of baptisms and mariages are available for the years 1739-1886.

Parish "Santa Candida"

In 2019, the parish registers have been digitalizzed for the years 1769-1929.

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