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From 2007, the Association has been scanning and indexing shipping registrations from North Africa.

The project is currently led by Henri SCOTTO DI VETTIMO with the help of Guy ATTANASIO, Jeanne BROCHARD and previously Georges BRUNIER along with several volunteer members.

In 2016, these files were imported into our database in order to facilitate the research and organisation of the maritime records of your ancestors.

These records collate the maritime registrations for the districts of Philippeville, Algiers and Oran. Most of these records are stored in the Archives Maritimes de Toulon, but others were tracked down in the archives of the Ministry of Fisheries in Brittany, after several years of research. In 2012, these 'new' records were digitized and indexed to strengthen our database. They relate to all areas of Algeria and particularly to Oran, records which had been missing until now.

Below is the complete list of files, which have been scanned and computerized:

To find out more about the history and contents of the French maritime archives, consult the following documents:

Maritime registration is also published in the Official Journal, and in local newspapers (in articles relating to marine personnel). Here are some examples:

  • Recognition for rescues (Official Journal) - example: 05 nov 1895 pages 5454-5455
  • Award of medals of honor to the merchant navy (newspapers) - example: Echo d’Alger of 16/08/1930

Example document of maritime registration

Example of a maritime career

Restoration of the maritime career

Members: Fee of 20 points + the number of pages retrieved

60 Euros per request

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